Storage capacity auctions

Dear Visitor!

Hereby, we inform you that on 09th February 2024 HEXUM Natural Gas has advertised its electronic Storage Capacity Auction No. 2/2024 for selling the free capacities of Szőreg-1 UGS.

The Announcement for Auction 20240209 contains the details of the Auction.

The rules of taking part on the Auction can be found in the Auction Regulations, which is the Appendix No. 1. of Announcement for Auction.

The official language of the Auction is Hungarian, but the required registration documents referred below can be submitted in English as well.

The downloadable and editable documents needed for the registration and bidding are as follows:

A1: Registration form_2024
A2: Auction declarations_20240209
A3: Partner risk declarations_2024

The System User, which has already had a successful registration at HEXUM Natural Gas for the calendar year 2023 should only fill in and sign the A.2. document and upload it to its registration folder. It also has to upload the A.1. and A.3. as well, if there was any change in the data content of those documents.

Please, be aware that within the frame of application for this Auction the Electronic bank document as proof of payment of the Tender Security also should be uploaded to your registration folder.

Your access intension to the Registration Platform – only at the first time registration in 2024 – should be indicated by filling in and sending the data sheet of Registration for auctions.

By sending that sheet you accept the Terms and Conditions of our User IT Rules.

Having your message we check the data received and in case of appropriateness  we send you the technical information for the access to the Registration Platform within two business days. With this process you become an Authorized System User with Technical Registration, and you can upload your document following the instruction of Electronic document submission.

We look forward to your registration.

Best regards,

HEXUM Natural Gas