Dispatching service

The Dispatcher Service is available during 24 hours irrespectively of the officer on-call service:

telephone: +36 / 70 / 373-5151

e-mail:  diszpecser@gaztarolo.hu

The on-call service works, as the standard schedule, with weekly shifts, timing of shift is Monday morning 08:00 hours.

If there is any difficulty while calling the central phone number above, please feel free to call the following numbers of the officers on-call service:

Lányi, Tibor +36 70 373 3991
Fábián, Gyula +36 70 938 2699
Németh, Péter +36 20 563 0569
Dancsó, István +36 20 256 0529
Molnár, Zsolt +36 20 972 6029

The on-call service is permanently available primarily by telephone and e-mail.

The central number cannot be used for sending SMS. If you prefer SMS as the channel of communication, then please send it onto the above officers’ on-call service numbers.

You can send telefax messages on working days during working hours at +36 1 430 37 21.

We invite comments from our customers or clients by telephone and e-mail of the Dispatcher Service shown above.