We present to the Reader the ESG Report of HEXUM Földgáz Zrt., intended to demonstrate not its financial performance, but its sustainable operations.

 Environmentally conscious thinking, safety, health protection and social responsibility are deeply embedded in the foundations of our Company. HEXUM Földgáz Zrt., as a strategic natural gas storage company in Hungary, is responsible for the wider sustainability and environmental, social and governance (so-called ESG) risks towards the society. As a consequence of accelerating climate change, HEXUM Földgáz Zrt. will in the future manage ESG risks with a more holistic approach, systematically collecting ESG data and explicitly integrating ESG risks into the Company’s process control systems.

As part of our ESG strategy, we are committed to a long-term corporate zero-carbon emission programme to reduce our CO2 and methane emissions and to invest into energy conservation projects. We plan to further develop our ESG strategy in the coming years, continue our carbon neutrality programme, and enhance our energy reduction measures.

We believe that with our professionalism, dynamism and perseverance, we are ready to meet the social and business expectations placed on our Company also in the coming period.

 Now I invite you to read the 2022 ESG Report of HEXUM Földgáz Zrt.!