Enter the IT Platform of HEXUM Natural Gas:!/

HEXUM Natural gas will normally receive nominations on its information technology platform. The access to the IT Platform of HEXUM Natural gas can be exclusively performed via Internet using any browser without installing special programs.

HEXUM Natural gas Dispatcher Service will provide access for using the information technology platform for partners who hold storage contracts. When entering into HEXUM Natural gas information technology platform the system will use digital entry codes for identifying partners as same as for entry into FGSz information technology platform.

You can reach the stand-by information technology platform only if the stand-by system should be activated due to any maintenance problem or emergency. We will always inform our partners on such eventuality by e-mail.

The users of IT Platform are supported by an interactive help function.

If our partner cannot nominate using the information technology platform due to whatever reason, then you can send the nomination to our Company by e-mail using the table attached below at the following link:


Sheet for nomination