Szőreg-1 UGS

Technical parameters of Szőreg-1 UGS

 1. The reservoir

The storage of working gas performed in an oil field with gas cap located in a “felsőpannon” aged layer in a depth of 1700-1750 m.
Before starting the the cultivation of the reservoir, its initial pressure was at -1756 m (gas-oil contact) 182.5 bar.

2. Main units

The surface technology consists 3 colletion-distribution stations and the SZBT-1 centre plant, which includes the gas injecting and gas processing units. The well pipelines are in radial structures to and from the collection-distribution stations, while these stations are connected to the SZBT-1 by separated injection and withdrawal backbone pipelines.

The gas supply to and the transmission of withdrawn gas from the Szőreg-1 UGS is provided with a dedicated pipeline of the Hungarian TSO, (FGSZ).

The UGS has 44 two-function (injection/withdrawal) wells from which 10 are horizontal with huge production capacity. Over those 44 wells there are 7 wells suitable only for withdrawal of gas.

3. Injection cycle

During the injection cycle the gas arrives from the delivery point of the TSO’s pipeline system and it comprimed from 45-55 bar suction pressure to 120 – 185 bar by 7 compressor units injecting the gas to the reservoir. Out of the 7 compressors 5 are gas engine driven and 2 are electric motor driven. 

The gas gets to the SZBT-2,-3,-4 collection-distribution station via the injection backbone pipeline from the compressors and is distributed by that stations to the wells.

4. Withdrawal cycle

The gas coming from the wells collected and pre-separated in the collection-distribution centres. In all centre there are one measuring and two common three-phase sparators installed. The pre-separeted gas gets to via the withdrawal backbone pipelene to the SZBT-1 plant.

The processing of withdrawn gas to make it suitable for transmission via the TSO’s pipeline system is performed in the SZBT-1 plant (60 bar, -5°C dew-point).

For the purpose of cold-separation gas processing 5 units (all af them individually is with a capacity of 5 million m3/day) were installed with glycol regeneration equipments.